KRNW Watches in an independent watch brand based in the heart of Cornwall, UK.


KRNW watches creates stylish but affordable timepieces, which are manufactured in very limited numbers due to the small nature of our business. This allows customers the chance to wear an original and exclusive product on their wrist.

KRNW was founded in 2016 by Cornwall based designer, Daniel Oliver. Having spent over a decade working in the design industry designing brands and digital products for clients, Daniel developed a keen eye and love for small details. This could somewhat explain where his fascination and interest in watches originated from.

After years of working on client projects and design briefs, in 2010 Daniel decided it was time step away from client based work to focus on his own projects and ideas that had been brewing in the back of his mind for some time. This saw him create an action sports brand called Amped which in the following years went on to become one of the UK's leading offroad motorcycle brands and allowed Daniel to combine his passion for both motorcycles and design.

Constantly tinkering with new ideas and projects, 2016 saw Daniel venture into an exciting new project combining another two passions of his. Cornwall and Watches.

Being a proud Cornishman, he wanted to put his knowledge of creating brands and products to good use to create a brand of watch that he would be proud to wear on his wrist. This saw the birth of the KRNW brand and the first model, The Kensa which was inspired by Cornwall's mining heritage.